Lighting Automation

Lighting Automation is the discipline of creating automated changes in lighting levels to affect mood, emphasize architecture, illuminate art, and influence action. Automated lighting from Vantage can be described as the rising or setting of the sun. As the light gradually, imperceptibly moves across the landscape our senses are height and we see the earth with a new perspective.

Architects and lighting designers have long understood the power of light and its ability to define, highlight, and transform architecture. To manipulate light in such a way as to simultaneously evoke subtlety and complexity requires a serious understanding of light.

Lighting automation from Vantage provides professional designers with the tools to fully implement their designs and users with the full enjoyment of their luxury spaces.

“The power of utilizing automated lighting control in all of my artistic lighting designs is paramount to the success of any project. Vantage has consistently exceeded my expectations.

When you choose to have home automation systems integrated into your house, you can actually choose what kinds of smart controls your lighting system may have. Each type of controller can benefit you and your home in one way or another. For example, if you choose to integrate a chronological timer or control for your lighting system, your lights will turn on and off by itself, depending on the time of day.

You can also choose to use astronomical time controls that turn your lights on and off depending on what time sunrise and sunset will be in your area. You can also opt to have occupancy sensors installed to get your lights to turn on and off whenever people are around and when people leave. You can also have program logic controls installed so you can have all of these different lighting controls at your fingertips and you can customize these controls accordingly.


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